Real. Artificial. Intelligence.

We are a next-generation technology ecosystem, the convergence of cutting-edge technology partners, products, solutions, strategy, analytics, insight, experience and expertise, assembled to hyperloop your organisation from your current state to your desired state.

The low cost of technology and a dynamic start-up environment has led to a massive increase in the rate at which new technologies are being introduced. Simplyfai’s ecosystem members are API-oriented, integrating innovative services, applications and technologies into your organisation as you need them.

Simplyfai’s ecosystem is focused on the dynamic interactions between technology, information and users. It’s about how businesses meet, talk, trust, share, collaborate, team, experiment, and grow, together, through technology.


  • Capitalize on emerging opportunities to scale and enhance your complex internal business & technology architecture by simultaneously including external technologies.
  • Capture the accelerating waves of technological innovations through trusted partners.
  • Enable the role of the CIO as a prime strategic partner in your orgsanisation by reframing IT as a network of ecosystem technologies.
  • Connect your services to e-commerce, entertainment, health, insurance, education, media, logistics, payments and smart homes.
  • Extend your customer’s journey and your company’s relationship with your customer by integrating with our ecosystem members.
  • Understand the end-to-end customer experience and how Simplyfai’s external and readily available services can be utilized with internal solutions to offer a complete and unique offering.
  • Serve your customers, support your employees and create new products and capabilities by integrating Simplyfai’s external capabilities into your organisation’s internal IT environment.
  • Compliment your internal IT skills with our external specialization.
  • Accelerate your transformation, up-scale your services and leverage off specialized talent as technology evolves and demand spikes.
  • Keep up with the pace of the new technology that could improve your business model by testing this new technology in our dedicated ecosystem “sandbox”.
  • A partnership with Simplyfai gives you access to our ecosystem members so you can understand and evaluate how disruptive technology can be applied safely in your organisation.
  • Leverage off Simplyfai’s expertise in identifying and evaluating the efficacy and compatibility of the countless new external technology providers in the global market.
  • Ensure that your organisation’s compliance, legal and cybersecurity requirements are covered and improved in this new era of integration and data protection.
  • Avoid reinventing new standards and registering for redundant certification. Simplyfai’s inherent understanding of the compliance environment safeguards you from wasted effort.

Simplyfai's ecosystem contextualised

Innovative tech start-ups are often trying to establish themselves in markets where there may be common
clients who require technological skill sets from various service providers.

The growth of these start-up companies may be hindered by a lack of capital, networking services
or sales and marketing acumen.

Simplyfai helps our member companies join an eco-system that connects the dots between
tech start-ups, aggregators and clients.

We thereby enhance our members’ ability to gain traction as a collective offering as opposed to being an individual company with minimal influence in an ever changing dynamic trading environment.

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Simplyfai's value proposition

For Clients

Simplifying new and disruptive technology for clients.

Creating real value through access to a commercial eco-system whose unique selling proposition lies in the networked offering of multiple intellectual property companies working together to achieve a greater goal: Your success.

For Members

Co-ordinated go-to-market services for emerging technology companies.

Investment model available if required.

Cost consolidation through shared services.

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How we create value

Simplyfai creates value for our clients through the following commercial ecosystem integration:

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Core technology

The identified technology will be oriented around solving business challenges such as:

Payments | Artificial Intelligence | Bill processing | Cybersecurity | Authentication | Secure Messaging | Chatbots | Data Analytics & Insight | Application Development

The technology must be industry agnostic.

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Products and services

New product development is derived from a combination of the core technology that enhances the scope of usage for the initial tech offering, as well as the strategic solution development expertise of the Simplyfai team.

Technology, products, systems and solutions are then deployed within client organisations to enhance revenue and earnings growth.

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This is done by leveraging current business & technology services within the ecosystem as a converged offer for clients.

The creation of middleware that is used in POCs delivers live demo sites with real world applications. This showcases and confirms a working model.

This distribution model grows the entire commercial eco-system / value chain.

Our Simplyfai Team

Connect with our fusion of talent and technology, of experience and expertise.

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Gerhard Strydom

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Marc Seymour

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Keke Molebatsi
Project Portfolio Management

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Daryl Bartkunsky

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Les Allen
Business Development

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Robin Meisel
Data & Analytics

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Andrew Kirkland
CyberSecurity & Compliance

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Greg Shiers
Enterprise Architecture

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Jarratt Ingram