It’s the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution. You are now playing in an on-demand marketplace, where your users are always on-always on demand, always on their device and always on their platform of choice.

Your customers have adapted to this economy because they have created it. They do not want to dial, wait, decipher, rephrase, repeat or press start to speak to an operator. Take a look around and all you’ll see are consumers with heads bent and eyes locked onto their screens as their thumbs move automatically in reaction to their innate human need to communicate.

We are storytellers. Our narrative is our DNA. Messaging is our language of choice. Intelligence is our quest.

Have you adapted your strategy to engage with a more intelligent customer? How intelligent is your omni-channel service, support and engagement strategy? How intelligently could you deploy the savings you will accrue from automating your most repetitive customer engagement touchpoints?


Your customers don’t have the time to wait for you to incrementally move towards upgrading your call-centre, channel and communications infrastructure. Your competitors are scrambling to adjust to the new market demands.

You need a partner who understands the role of Artificial Intelligence in this new economy a partner with a track record of consistently converting bleeding edge technology to cutting edge implementation, a partner big enough to promise the protection of your brand through best-of-breed security, privacy and compliance management an award-winning partner with the credentials and knowledge to provide you with the right advice for you.

simplyfai offers exactly what it promises

We offer you a way to adopt artificial intelligence and integrate it into your current business offering that is both cost-effective and simple. Most importantly, simplyfai does not disrupt your day-to-day operations.

simplyfai offers the best in A.I. Chatbots

By allowing you to do more for less, simplyfai can seamlessly integrate with your online product or service functions through omni-channel touchpoints including your website, intranet or mobile platforms, to give users an ‘always available’ workforce via an intelligent chat-bot interface. Because if you’re always available, you’re always open for business.

Your brand is enabled to engage with users across their choice of web, mobile and social media messaging.

Your customer care is now always on, 24/7. Just like your customers.

Your best performing service staff can now focus on dealing with escalated matters only, initiated through key triggers before your customer becomes irate.

Chatbots scale to support peak traffic scenarios, which means you don’t have to worry about resourcing up and downscaling with your service team.

Chatbots are time and cost efficient and the savings you will generate through automation, reduced service and human capital costs and reputational risk exposure can be more effectively deployed towards growth strategies or increasing overall shareholder value.


simplyfai’s technology allows for your new chatbots to continuously learn from interactions with users. This learning capability gives you, as a business, the opportunity to analyze and enhance product or service features that drive efficiency and engagement. This results in an increase in customer traffic at a significantly lower cost.

By integrating cybersecurity, payment solutions, social microtargeting, content tactics and loyalty programs, simplyfai makes use of the latest technology to ensure intelligent, automated conversations with your customers, always.


Employee engagement is on the decline. Your teams don’t read your corporate emails anymore, no one visits the intranet anymore and even those expensive and purposely built pause areas in your offices are just food warming areas.

Our Enterprise Ecosystem allows you to share information, scheduling, onboarding, compliance, knowledge and content with your employees more efficiently and effectively.

Yes, it’s now possible to re-energise and re-engage your employees by accessing them on demand and on their device.

simplyfai integrates your company datasets, providing access to relevant information via natural language searches and bots through mobile, web, e-signage, POS and app channels.

CHATBOTS FOR E-businesses

So you’ve migrated past bricks and mortar to a true e-business.

simplyfai can deploy always available intelligent service bots that deal with customer queries across the globe.

simplyfai makes it simple and easy for customers to discover your products, engage with your product information, buy your products, transact with you safely and then coordinate any after sales and logistics requirements.

simplyfai’s chatbots enable you to engage with your virtual customers who are already technology adopters, on their terms, which then drives experience based loyalty and commercial growth.

24/7 customer support AI CHATBOTS

simplyfai seamlessly manages customer support with 24/7 intelligent product and service support for websites and contact centres.

Customers can chat directly with bots at a time that is convenient for them and can get product and service related queries answered quickly and accurately. Patience is no longer a virtue.

Applications and Advantages

simplyfai’s Chatbots offer priceless data Insights so you can make informed updates based on how your users interact with your product and service. Our technology supports you to make better decisions for your business.

You will experience cost reduction in the first month of implementation. Operational and support centre costs can be reduced significantly from the point of deployment. Time is continuously being saved while your customer experience is continually being improved.

Natural Language Processing and Deep-Learning powered Chatbots drive relevant interactions that help users get the best experience out of any product or service engagement with your brand.

Our smartbots offer a more intuitive and efficient customer journey increasing client’s conversion rate, supported in the design and development phase by the best UX specialists in the world.




Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage


E-Learning & Enterprise Employee Engagement



Chatbots deliver consistent efficacy and efficiency, adhering absolutely to the standards you set, never putting your brand at risk, fulfilling your promise of customer centricity and enabling an unbeatable user experience for your customers. All this without any labour, absenteeism, re-training and performance issues.


One of the biggest challenges facing e-businesses today surrounds reconciling the knowledge of the user on their e-store with the ability to help them discover the product or service that they need. simplyfai’s ready-to-go e-commerce Chatbots make it super easy for your customers to discover your products without having to decrypt your user interface and design.


Automated Banking Assistants powered by Chatbots make routine tasks a breeze.

Customers can track and manage transactions, schedule alerts, payments and resolve discrepancies easily.

The underlying Deep Learning technology allows banks to recommend relevant products based on customer profiles and transaction history, ensuring longer life time value generation.


Chatbots make customer support for parcel delivery services efficient and proactive.

Automated Chatbots deliver an unmatched support experience for customers by handling first contact queries about orders, changes in pickup and delivery schedules, returns, etc...


simplyfai has established relationships and partnerships across ticketing, eventing, gaming, banking, health care, security and youth marketing which can all be leveraged to enhance tech driven management of your business.

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